Your Guide to Long-Course Races in the Southeast

Are you new to long course racing in 2018? Here is our very brief guide to long-course races in the Southeast! April 70.3 Florida, Haines City Florida (near Orlando). This race is drivable but [...]

Give Your Bike a Little TLC

It happens. The season ends and you’re ready for a little break from your bike. Maybe you just finished your big race and you’re not ready to see a saddle for a few months or maybe [...]

Why Now is a Great Time for a Bike Fit

It’s that time of year when triathletes have finished off their races for the year and are ready for a little break from swim, bike, run. Before you convert your bike into the off-season clothes [...]

Hit the Trails – 5 Great Places to Trail Run in the Atlanta Area

More and more people are opting to get off the pavement and hit the trails. Trail running is often easier on the joints while at the same time developing strength in the calves, feet, and glutes [...]

Finding the Right Goggles

You’ve worked hard on your swim skills, you’ve practiced in the open water, you’ve learned to sight like a champion. You are ready to conquer your race day swim, but your [...]

3 Strategies for a Strong Triathlon Run

Often a podium finish or a race PR comes down to the triathlon run. An athlete may have an incredible swim and bike but fall apart on the run because they went out too hard on the previous two [...]

Transition Checklist

You’ve trained hard for your first triathlon spending hours swimming, biking, and running. Suddenly race week is here and you realize that you have no idea how to set up your transition. [...]

Highlighted Coach – Bethany Rutledge

Name:  Bethany Rutledge Where you coach:  Energy Lab Atlanta How long you’ve been coaching/history in the sport:  I’ve been racing triathlon for nearly ten years but I didn’t [...]

Sign up for One of These Local Tour-Inspired Challenges!

Inspired by the action of the Tour de France? You may never be able to take 23 days to ride across France, but there are some local events where you can test endurance and skills. Here are five [...]

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