Whether you’re dreaming of your first triathlon, setting a PR, or qualifying for Kona, knowing exactly what you need to reach your goals can be confusing. You can find a lot of information from different sources, but how do you know where to invest your time and money? At all3sports, we have developed the best team in the business to get you the right equipment to help you confidently train for your goals. From your first race to your best race, we’re here to help you make your multisport dreams come true!

What our Customers Say

  • My previous fits used strictly the "dots" and numbers.  Dave used his vast experience,  reasonable parameters,  and asked what felt the best for MY body. Best fit ever

  • I was able to get a bike fitting with Dave and it was a great experience. Not only was I able to walk away with the best fit I’ve ever had, I walked away with the knowledge of why it was the best fit I’ve ever had. Dave is a triathlon bike techie and has done all the research to conserve all the watts possible. During the whole process, he continually talked and taught me about what he was doing and why. The setup was great in that he could make minor adjustments on the fly and I could immediately tell what felt worse and what felt better and why it was that way. He was able to plug my metrics into the All3 system and have my bike assembled and ready to the exact specifications needed for me to be the most aero and comfortable. My bike now feels like an extension of me and I not only feel fast but I am faster than before the fit. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.

    Brandon Krout
  • After riding a self-setup bike for months and being sore sore sore on my long rides, I decided it was time to actually have a bike fit done. I met with Dave at all3sports where I learned more about bike fitting and riding position in 90-minutes than I have read in the past few years as getting into triathlons. As we worked through various adjustments, I could feel and hear the change in my pedaling, not to mention how much more comfortable I was on the bike. Once we went though all the options, Dave took the time to talk through what options he would recommend based cost/benefit while considering I was primarily looking to replace my current bike in the coming year. There was no sales pitch, or push towards any specific products, just authentic advice based on what he learned about me during our fit session. 

  • Anytime I go into All3Sports, I am greeted by a welcoming team member eager to help me out. Be it nutrition, gear, or general questions about the sport, I always leave with solid advice and a smile (and of course a few toys most times). Finding the folks over at All3 and joining in some of the recent group rides they started up has been a huge motivator for me as I work towards completing my first IM in July. Keep it up, loving the budding community you guys are growing!

  • The community that All3Sports has is amazing. I have gone on bike rides wearing my all3 gear and almost every time I end up talking to someone who asks me how I am connected to all3; makes it easy to meet people!  Everyone is super supportive and friendly! 
    I have walked into the All3Sports store about 4 times unannounced with small issues and they get to it right away and I am out the door within 30 minutes. They are awesome.
  • I’ve had my bike worked on by the All3 service department multiple times. I’ve been to quite a few shops and nobody compares to Scott and his team. You walk away feeling like your bike was taken care of the right way with nothing left to chance. They’re always available for me to pick their brain about parts and bikes, and I’ve never felt like they were too busy to answer my questions. They’ve even helped me assemble my bike and walked me through step by step of what I should do so that I could do it on my own. 5-star review for this team!

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